APRA AMCOS Insights: Performing & Releasing Other People's Music

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Answering all your most asked questions about cover songs, arrangements and remixes. Performing music by other artists you love is fun, allows you to put your own new twist on a well-known song and can expand your audience. But if the music isn’t entirely your own it can also mean there are other considerations: - What is a cover song, verse an arrangement, verses a remix? When can you register your versions with APRA AMCOS? - Do you need permission to perform live or record cover songs? - Can you upload your version of another artist’s music online? - What about remixes? - Can you use another writer’s text or lyrics? - What about the public domain? We'll be covering all the essentials to know when working with other people's words and music.


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APRA AMCOS is a music licensing and royalties organization. They support the music industry by providing information about music copyright, royalties, and licensing. They also offer membership for songwriters, composers, and music publishers to get paid for their music. Additionally, they offer various music licenses for businesses and events to legally use music while supporting the music industry.