Artificial Intelligence in Practice: Building a Roadmap for AI Use in Schools

Education > Technology4/2/2024 6:00 PM

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ChatGPT has been part of the public consciousness for only a little more than a year. But in some places, it is already transforming students’ writing experiences, helping teachers create lesson plans and quizzes more efficiently, and prompting educators’ to rethink what skills students will need for future jobs. Elsewhere—and sometimes as close by as the classroom down the hall—educators are banning the tool outright or asking students to complete assignments in paper and pencil to avoid cheating. And in some cases, it is unclear what district leaders want. More than three-quarters—79 percent—of educators say their districts still do not have clear policies on the use of artificial intelligence tools, according to an EdWeek Research Center survey of 924 educators conducted in November and December. This webinar will explore those questions, offering practical tips from educators and experts on how to approach this rapidly evolving technology while remaining mindful of core principles such as student privacy and academic honesty.


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