Joint PSI/EFSPI Vaccine SIG Webinar: Statistical and Mechanistic Models for Correlates of Protection (WEB349)

Healthcare > Vaccines4/25/2024 2:00 PM

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This webinar will explore two different approaches to Correlates of Protection in vaccine development. Statistical models providing a quantitative framework for identification and validation of potential CoPs, and mechanistic models aiming to understand the biological mechanisms driving immune responses and protection. By integrating these two approaches, researchers can gain better insights into the immunological factors associated with vaccine efficacy and infection protection. This webinar will include talks from two renowned speakers who will discuss the principles, applications, and challenges of both statistical and mechanistic models, contributing to a better understanding of CoPs and optimizing vaccine clinical trial design.

Who is this event intended for?

Statisticians, Mathematicians, Modelers, working in vaccine development.

What is the benefit of attending?

Attending this seminar on Correlates of Protection (CoPs) in vaccine development offers several benefits. Firstly, participants will gain insights into statistical models used to identify and validate CoPs, providing them with quantitative tools for assessing vaccine efficacy. Secondly, they will learn about mechanistic models that elucidate the underlying biological mechanisms driving immune responses, enhancing their understanding of vaccine-induced protection.


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