Future Skills 2024: Preparing Teens for the Future

Education4/18/2024 10:30 PM

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Hear from leaders in higher education, technology professionals and our teen alums about the opportunities that await teens in tech and how they can benefit from learning emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, coding and more this summer!

Join us on April 18th for an inspiring journey into the world of technology at Future Skills 2024: Preparing Teens for the Future, presented by Circuit Stream. Our lineup of speakers will discuss how the technology skills taught in our pre-university tech courses can open doors and opportunities for teens - transforming them from consumers to creators.

PLUS you'll hear from actual teens on how they navigate technology and use it to benefit their future.

Whether you're a passionate teenager eager to explore the possibilities of technology, or a parent/educator seeking to support the next generation of innovators, Future Skills 2024: Preparing Teens for the Future promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with knowledge, inspiration, and opportunities for growth.


Catherine Chandler-Crichlow

Dean, School of Continuing Studies

University of Toronto SCS

Krypton Ni

Video Game Coding, 2023

Teen Course Alum

Stacey Long-Genovese

Global Head of Education and Training


Himanshu Joshi

Applied AI Lead

Vector Institute

Teen Project Highlights:

We're really proud of all the amazing work our students have done during our pre-university courses last year.

Video Game Coding

Anirud I. 2023

Video Game Coding

Adam T. 2023

Video Game Coding

Alex H. 2023

Video Game Coding

Eason Z. 2023


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