Harnessing AI-Driven Automation in Marketing: Real Time Insights, Personalized Content, Better Campaigns - Silicon UK

Marketing4/18/2024 10:00 AM

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Amidst a transformative moment, marketers grapple with the paradox: while generative AI promises significant benefits for marketing and sales, as per McKinsey survey only 10%–14% of companies consistently utilize it. This raises crucial questions about the barriers hindering widespread adoption and how marketers can effectively bridge this gap to unlock the full potential of generative AI in their initiatives. In this upcoming webinar, we will demonstrate some real-world applications of Generative AI for the marketing organization. Brands you know and love are already implementing these and developing more real-time, adaptive, and personalized content, better campaigns, delivering enhanced CX while saving time and costs and driving greater efficiencies. Key takeaways from the webinar include: Data-Driven Insights, Ideation and Strategy, Execution and Engagement, Efficiency and Scalability, Centralized Governance.


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