CDPs Demystified: Choosing Your Marketing Powerhouse

Marketing3/22/2024 1:00 PM

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The world of Customer Data Platforms is evolving faster than ever before, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses aiming to better harness their customer data. Join us as we dissect the current state of CDP technologies, offering practical guidance to navigate this complex market. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the potential of a CDP for your business or you’re on the cusp of making an investment decision, this webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to make informed choices.


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Relay42 is a real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables marketers to have full control over their customer data. With Relay42, marketers can create personalized touchpoints throughout the customer journey across all paid and owned marketing channels. The platform offers capabilities such as identity management, data activation, journey orchestration, artificial intelligence, and insights & analytics. Relay42 is built for marketing performance, allowing marketers to integrate unified customer profiles to any channel, coordinate cross-channel personalized experiences, and make real-time decisions using AI-powered predictions. The platform also ensures the highest privacy and data security standards. Relay42 offers an accelerated onboarding program, industry-specific first-party data use cases, and expert guidance to help businesses drive impactful personalized customer journeys and navigate the cookieless world with confidence.