ESR1 Mutations as Essential Markers for Understanding Endocrine Therapy Resistance in ER+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

Healthcare > Pharmaceutical3/20/2024 2:00 PM

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Oestrogen receptor 1 (ER/ESR1) mutations have arisen as crucial biomarkers for endocrine therapy resistance in ER positive metastatic breast cancer. Detecting these mutations is key for understanding acquired resistance during treatment.

APIS will be joined by SensID GmbH to deliver this FREE educational webinar on ESR1 mutations and the importance of their accurate and sensitive detection.

Gain insights into: - ESR1 mutations significance in breast cancer and their role in endocrine therapy resistance - APIS ESR1 Mutations Kit, an accessible method to detect ESR1 mutations - SensID ESR1 reference set to ensure accurate detection of mutations in cell-free DNA (cfDNA)

Have your questions answered by experts in gene mutation assay development and validation!


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APIS Assay Technologies Ltd

APIS Assay Technologies Ltd

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