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Business3/14/2024 7:00 PM

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Authentic Growth™ Webinar Series Beyond the Business Operating System Why sales & marketing frameworks are essential for healthy growth Live Webinar!

As business operating systems - such as EOS* (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®) - grow in popularity and practice, many small and mid-sized businesses are experiencing the power of embracing simple concepts and proven tools to create alignment and strategic growth momentum.

But once the foundation of an operating system is in place, these growing businesses often discover gaps across their functional departments. When these gaps exist within the growth engine of the organization - sales and marketing - that growth momentum stalls, and entrepreneurial tension rises.

No business can achieve healthy growth without a strong revenue engine. But excellence in sales and marketing - and collaboration between these essential functions - doesn’t happen by accident, or even by hiring talented people. 

Sales and marketing teams face unique challenges that require experienced leadership and operational rigor. Authentic® and their partners at Sales Xceleration are addressing these needs head-on through their fractional leadership models, paired with proven frameworks and methodologies (departmental operating systems) that teach growing organizations how to achieve sustainable, healthy growth.

Join us for a live webinar conversation, featuring executive leaders from Authentic and Sales Xceleration. We’ll unpack the most common growth challenges faced by entrepreneurial businesses, explain the fundamentals of sales and marketing operating systems, and offer practical advice to help your business supercharge its growth momentum.

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Attendees to this webinar will learn:

  • The most common issues that cause growth stall-out for entrepreneurial businesses;

  • Why many sales and marketing hires fail, and how to increase odds of success;

  • How modern revenue teams should be structured for optimal performance;

  • The key components of a sales or marketing operating system;

  • How to self-implement the basics of a sales or marketing operating system and when to bring in outside expertise.

Meet the Panel

Jennifer Zick Founder & CEO Authentic® LINKEDIN

Mark Coronna CDO Authentic® LINKEDIN

Kelly Crandall Visionary & VP Sales Sales Xceleration LINKEDIN

Tom Gardner CCO & VP Sales Sales Xceleration LINKEDIN


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Sales Xceleration

Sales Xceleration

Sales Xceleration is a company that offers outsourced VP of Sales and sales outsourcing services. They specialize in building sales foundations for sustained growth, delivering reliable and predictable sales growth strategies. Their services include sales strategy, sales infrastructure, sales management, and sales team development. Sales Xceleration's certified sales operating management system is designed to help businesses overcome growth challenges and achieve long-term success. With a team of experienced sales leaders, Sales Xceleration provides customized solutions tailored to each client's unique organization. They have been recognized as a pioneer in fractional sales leadership and have received numerous awards for their achievements in the industry.