How a ‘village’ approach can support infant and toddler mental health

Healthcare > Psychology4/3/2024 2:00 AM

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Supporting infant and child mental health can be both extremely rewarding and challenging for practitioners working with families. Many different factors influence infant and toddler mental health, including their relationships, their community and the broader social context in which they live. While having limited social supports can contribute to poor mental health in children and their parents or carers, having a rich social support system, or a ‘village’, can promote mental health and wellbeing. This ‘village’ can include family members, friends and other trusted community members such as educators, community leaders, and healthcare providers. Practitioners can offer families more effective support by understanding their ‘village’ and what might be stopping families from reaching out for emotional or practical support. This webinar will discuss how to work collaboratively with families to engage with their ‘village’ and how this approach can influence infant and toddler mental health. Panellists will explore practice strategies that promote infant and toddler mental health and explore how asking questions about the family’s ‘village’ can help you better understand a family’s needs and strengths.


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