Insider insights on navigating the PhD journey

Education3/22/2024 1:00 AM

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For those looking into or are amid a PhD, it can at times feel like a journey without clear signposts. The first NEST webinar of 2024 aims to help you put together or strengthen your flight plan to navigate through your PhD journey. This webinar will seek to provide prospective and current PhD students with some nuggets of wisdom to guide them through their PhD. Key topics include juggling your PhD with other commitments/responsibilities, dealing with and overcoming the inevitable yet unanticipated setbacks you encounter, and some tips on how to go about your transition from PhD life to academia or industry. The aim is not to regurgitate information commonly taught by supervisors or in courses, but to provide some Easter (or NEST!) eggs from those who are still in or have recently left the PhD roost! Following presentations from our 3 exceptional speakers, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a Q+A with the speakers.


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Australasian Sleep Association

Australasian Sleep Association

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