Webinar | Digital and AI Enabled Customer Success

Business > Information Technology (IT)2/27/2024 6:00 PM

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Explore the Intersection of Traditional and AI-Driven Innovation in Customer Success. Join us on Tuesday, February 27th at 10 PT, 1 ET. This webinar blends insights to help you navigate the evolving dynamics of customer support and success. Topics include utilizing GenAI for early detection and resolution of customer issues, how AI and GenAI identify and address performance and customer service gaps, ways that AI/ML enhances cross-functional collaboration through customer insights, the crucial balance between human empathy and AI efficiency in customer interactions, and how AI simplifies customer support processes. You'll discover ways to integrate traditional CS approaches with cutting-edge AI and GenAI innovations, the latest trends and strategies reshaping customer insights and success, and the evolving role of human interactions in an increasingly AI-dominated CS landscape. Register now!


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