Making the Case for Family Care: The Value of Investing in Employees

Business > Human Resources2/28/2024 3:00 PM

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Family and back-up care benefits aren't just about attracting and retaining talent. Caregivers are the fastest growing demographic in your workforce. Supporting these employees with their personal challenges enables your team to innovate and drive growth.


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Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons® is a trusted provider of high-quality early education and child care solutions for families and employers worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, we offer infant care, toddler care, preschool, and kindergarten prep programs that are designed by experts and facilitated by educators. Our curriculum is tailored to the unique needs and interests of each child, fostering a love of learning and preparing them for future success. As a leading employer benefit, we also offer on-site child care, back-up care, elder care, college coaching, and workforce consulting services to support organizations in creating a supportive and productive work environment. Learn more about Bright Horizons and how we can help you build a brighter future.