Salesforce Experience Builder Micro-Internships Overview

Business > Information Technology (IT)2/26/2024 4:00 PM

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Micro-Internships.Maximum Impact. Learn about this unique program that will help you get more done now, while funneling talent into your pipeline. Salesforce Experience Builder Micro-Internships Need an extra set of hands on Salesforce projects? Ready to connect with potential candidates? Get support from a Trailhead learner—at no cost to your organization. Salesforce has partnered with Parker Dewey to connect Trailhead job seekers with these opportunities. Please join us to hear: an overview on how Micro-Internships work, examples of the types of projects learners can complete, and how these paid, short-term projects create equitable access to careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. Christina TechicoSenior Manager, TrailheadSalesforce Paolo SambranoBusiness Solutions DesignerCommon Sense Media Kristin SchraderVice President of PartnershipsParker Dewey For more information, and to get started, visit:


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Parker Dewey

Parker Dewey

Parker Dewey is a platform that provides Micro-Internships, allowing employers to engage, assess, and hire college students and recent grads more effectively. It offers on-demand support, improved reach, and increased diversity, making the hiring process more equitable, inclusive, and accessible. For students, Parker Dewey offers paid Micro-Internships that help them explore career opportunities, demonstrate skills, and build relationships on their own schedule. With a diverse talent pool and lower recruiting costs, Parker Dewey modernizes early-career recruitment for immediate, scalable results.