Expert Webinar | Elevating Women's Health through Nutrition Innovation

Healthcare > Wellness3/5/2024 4:00 PM

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Join us for a hands-on session with an exciting line-up of renown speakers where we delve into the dynamic landscape of women's health supplements. Explore the latest consumer trends shaping the industry, gain insights into the specific expectations women have from their supplements and uncover the fastest-growing subcategories. Powered by insights from Innova and the Industry Transparency Center. We will then provide an overview of the cutting-edge ingredients and nutritional science with speakers from ADM, Gnosis and KD Pharma. We will finish with ready-to-launch unique concepts that go beyond traditional pills, offering solutions that enable brand owners to stand out and succeed in the competitive women's health market. You will leave the session with concepts ready-to-go into your innovation pipeline: with high quality, scientific ingredients in exciting delivery formats.


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Nutrition Insight

Nutrition Insight

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