2024 Strategic Initiative? Do a Recovery Audit and See Returns in a Few Weeks

Business2/6/2024 8:00 PM

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For every $1B in spend, $2M in overpayments slip through normal ERP controls. And when companies deploy procure-to-pay technology like eInvoicing or an ERP migration, the overpayments spike…dramatically. During this session, we will walk through data-based case studies highlighting the impact on invoice processing and payments during new tech deployments. Then, we will show you how apexanalytix recovers and prevents billions of mistakes every year for our clients. Whatever initiative your team may have in 2024, an AP recovery audit can help fund your project while also identifying issues that could prevent future overpayments. Join to find out: What caused a 1600% increase in duplicate payments at a large hospitality company Everything you need to know about an AP recovery audit The ins and outs of apexanalytix’s duplicate payment prevention software Additional recovery audits to fund 2024 projects: unclaimed property, sales & use tax, contract compliance Why it is especially critical to conduct a recovery audit before and after your SAP S4 HANA cloud migration, or any system upgrade, consolidation, or new implementation.


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Ultimate supplier management. 250+ clients in the Fortune 500 & Global 2000. $9T Spend protected annually. 90M Golden supplier records with contacts. $8B Overpayments prevented or recovered annually. 10M+ Communications with suppliers annually. 8.5M Suppliers managed in apexportal. 1K Integrated data sources. 35 Years of continuous innovation and profitable growth. 98% Global trade languages covered.