Why you should be charging more to your customers

Business > Career Growth1/25/2024 7:00 PM

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In an era of escalating and bold cyberattacks, businesses of all sizes are recognizing the essential need for an MSP. However, the challenge lies in the varying expertise and skill sets among MSPs, leading to distinct pricing models. Join Matt Scully, Senior Channel Development Manager at Kaseya, in our upcoming webinar, where he will empower you to showcase your value and provide the confidence and support necessary to elevate your rates. In this engaging session, you'll discover effective strategies for highlighting your value as an MSP, confidence-building tactics to justify rate increases, and access to valuable support and resources for your success. Secure your spot today by registering now!


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IT By Design

IT By Design

IT By Design is a trusted MSP for MSPs, offering talent solutions and support resources to help MSPs overcome challenges and achieve business excellence. With services like hiring engineers, 24x7 NOC support, SOC cybersecurity, RMM management, helpdesk, and Team GPS, IT By Design empowers MSPs to enhance customer support, improve employee engagement, monitor customer sentiment, and foster a strong workplace culture. Additionally, IT By Design provides premier MSP education through Build IT LIVE, Communities of Practice, and Build IT University, focusing on areas like leadership, culture, and service to drive MSP business success. Teaming up with IT By Design ensures MSPs can grow a healthy, profitable, and sustainable business without the day-to-day worries of talent acquisition, ongoing training, and disconnected management tools.