Revolutionizing ACA Compliance: A 10X Better Approach for HR Leaders

Business > Human Resources1/25/2024 7:00 PM

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Join industry expert John Ford, EVP of Product & Revenue at Trusaic and Heather Stevenson, Senior Manager of Product Management at UKG in this groundbreaking webinar as they reveal an innovative approach to ACA compliance hidden in plain sight. Tired of struggling with inadequate tools and facing penalties? It's time to break free and explore the untapped potential of this revolutionary 10X better approach Learn about the challenges organizations face with ACA compliance and gain insights into common pitfalls and their root causes. Discover innovative strategies and best practices to enhance ACA compliance, including real-life case studies of successful organizations. This webinar is essential for HR leaders seeking a superior ACA compliance solution with expert support and the latest advancements in compliance technology. Register now to revolutionize your ACA compliance process and ensure peace of mind for your HR team.


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Trusaic is a trusted and partnered company specializing in solving the most complex HR challenges across people, data, and compliance. They offer a wide range of products including PayParity, Salary Range Finder, Pay Data Reporting, ACA Complete, TaxAdvantage, and EEO-1 Reporting. With a world-class Net Promoter Score of 75, Trusaic is known for their outstanding quality of work and client service. They are committed to creating a more equitable working world for all through their solutions.