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Marketing > SEO3/26/2024 7:13 AM

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Want to achieve better search-engine rankings? Unlock your site’s full potential with our insightful SEO webinar! Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, or digital enthusiast, understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Our webinar goes beyond the basics, diving into how WordPress can elevate your site’s visibility and search engine rankings. In this webinar, our Happiness Engineers will guide you through essential SEO concepts and how they seamlessly integrate with WordPress built-in features. We’ll explore the comprehensive SEO tools that Jetpack offers, demonstrating how you can leverage these to enhance your website’s performance without relying heavily on external plugins. But that’s not all – we understand that sometimes you need that extra boost. The latter part of our webinar will introduce you to the world of additional SEO plugins. We’ll help you navigate the vast options available, focusing on how to select plugins that ensure your website not only ranks well but also delivers the best user experience.


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Build and grow your website with the best way to WordPress. Lightning-fast hosting, intuitive, flexible editing, and everything you need to grow your site and audience, baked right in. The best way to WordPress—intuitive editing, lightning-fast hosting, and everything you need to grow your site and audience, baked in.