OASI and Disability: Employment, Rights and Assessment

Healthcare2/1/2024 12:30 PM

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Join us for OASI and Disability: Employment, Rights and Assessment online event. An OASI and Anal Incontinence (AI) are devastating conditions, which can impact on more than just a women’s physical body. Women often suffer in silence and find it difficult to discuss the condition to their family, let alone their workplace. This can be a huge financial burden if injured women cannot return to work. With the recent recognition of the difficulty of working whilst in the perimenopause and menopause, The MASIC Foundation & leading speakers consider the barriers to working and what can be done to help women with an OASI or AI.


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The MASIC Foundation

The MASIC Foundation

The MASIC Foundation is the only multi-disciplinary UK charity dedicated to supporting women who have suffered severe injuries during childbirth. They aim to support women, challenge stigma, and drive change by advocating for better detection and prevention of birth injuries. The foundation is run by injured women and healthcare professionals who are committed to improving the lives of those injured during childbirth.