CPH Webinar Wednesday - Public Health Microbiology in the 21th Century Under the Landscape of Changing Climate

Environment > Climate Change4/10/2024 7:00 PM

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Presented by Dr. Aliyar Fouladkhah Bacterial pathogens have unique and efficient capabilities for moving towards diversity and fitness through various mechanisms such as vertical and horizontal gene transfer mechanisms and quorum sensing. Expansion in global travel and commerce, changes in production and processing of commodities, consumers' demand for minimally process products, and growth of the at-risk portion of populations are breeding grounds for novel, emerging, and re-emerging bacterial infectious diseases. Global warming due to the anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases is further fueling these national and global challenges, as minor changes in environmental temperature have pronounced and appreciable effects on bacterial fate and proliferation. Current presentation will discuss impact of climate changes in various regions of the world and further articulates the expected changes associated with public health microbiology, water safety, and microbial food safety, food security.


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