Pricing Pottery with Tim See - February 27th at 8pm EST

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How to get the value you deserve while selling. Tim will go through how we derive value from the pots we make along with the strategies and pitfalls of pricing. Tim is a full time potter and ceramic educator that lives in Central New York. He’s been making pots since 1999 and been selling work at arts and craft shows and online for about 20 years. He’s done them all from the high school lunch room, door to door sales, through the Smithsonian fine craft show.


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Sipor Ceramics

Sipor Ceramics

I have a firm belief that there is always more to learn, always someone new to learn from. I start every class that I teach by saying the same thing - The only rule in ceramics is that we use clay. Everything else is a technique, preference, suggestion…an option in the endless sea of possibilities of what we can create. These virtual classes are here to offer guidance along with a heavy dose of connection. Come for the class, stay for the friendship!