8 Ways To Bring Nonfiction To Life With StickTogether

Education1/16/2024 10:00 PM

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Are you ready to explore innovative and exciting ways to bring nonfiction to life in your classroom or library? We've got the perfect webinar to help kick start your creative journey! In this webinar, join Tom Bober and Shannon Miller, as they share how StickTogether's fantastic array of products, including Puzzle Face, Virtual Stickerboards, Sticker Posters, and Pixel Art, can transform nonfiction learning into an interactive and engaging experience. Three attendees will WIN a Standard Size Sticker Poster Kit, Puzzle Face™, or a Virtual Stickerboard™ - Basic Plan. We can’t wait to see you at the webinar as we share how to create memorable, hands-on learning experiences with nonfiction texts. Book your spot now and unlock a treasure trove of inspiring ideas!


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StickTogether Products, LLC

StickTogether Products, LLC

StickTogether Products, LLC is dedicated to creating colorful collaborations and promoting community through their sticker poster kits. Their inclusive activity allows participants to relax, connect with others, and be part of something special. StickTogether offers a wide range of products and resources for classrooms, libraries, makerspaces, healthcare facilities, seniors, workplaces, and more. With StickTogether, anyone can contribute and be part of the creative process. Join the StickTogether community and experience the magic of sticking together, one sticker at a time.