Harnessing Metabolic Health: The Future of Balanced Wellness

Healthcare2/21/2024 2:00 PM

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Discover an informative webinar to explore shifting metabolic health trends, uncovering science-backed insights on wellness. The idea of health and what it means to be healthy has evolved significantly over the years. What was once assessed through standalone measurements is increasingly being viewed from a holistic outlook. Metabolic health, which is comprised of five key health markers, offers a comprehensive look at an individual’s overall health state and, because of this, is proving to be a better predictor of long-term wellness. One-quarter of the world’s population is affected by suboptimal metabolic health, with nearly 2 billion people worldwide being overweight. While lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise are essential to good metabolic health, changing how people live and eat can prove challenging. This is why many consumers are turning to science-backed supplement solutions to help aid them on their wellness journey. This highlights the opportunity for companies in the nutritional and dietary supplemental space to design innovative solutions that address the various aspects of metabolic health. While historically weight has been viewed as the key indicator of health, it is now known as the only piece of the larger wellness puzzle. To get a more complete picture, people must consider the additional markers that make up their metabolic fitness. Since metabolic health covers a broad range of factors beyond weight management, consumers want products they believe to be effective, backed by science, to meet their specific needs. Specialized products that aim to impact important attributes related to proper physiological and metabolic function are in demand. How concerned are consumers with the various areas of metabolic health? What solutions are they seeking? What actions are they taking? Join this webinar to learn about trends in metabolic health and formulating products that incorporate science-backed microbiome solutions and functional botanical ingredients.


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