The CFO Agenda: Strategies and Ideas to Prepare You to Make the Best Decisions in 2024

Business1/30/2024 5:00 PM

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There's one trend that is definitely continuing in 2024—the growing importance of the role of the CFO. Chief Financial Officers in organizations of all types will continue to have more responsibility than ever before, having to balance traditional accounting and financial planning/analysis tasks with more cross-functional strategies and responsibilities. The most successful CFOs understand that gaining actionable insights is key to providing the best leadership for their teams and business units. That's why Oracle NetSuite and Entrepreneur are presenting the free webinar, The CFO Agenda: Strategies and Ideas to Prepare You to Make the Best Decisions in 2024. The webinar will help those in financial leadership roles think critically about the year ahead and also provide you with the actions you can take to benefit your team most. Moderated by AI-Researcher and Entrepreneur author Dr. Jill Schiefelbein, this webinar will feature expert insights from Megan O'Brien, NetSuite's Business & Finance Editor, and Ian McCue, Senior Content Marketing Manager at NetSuite, as they unveil the top areas that CFOs should be addressing and examining moving forward into 2024. During this conversation, where attendees are encouraged to ask questions, we'll cover: - Technologies worth your time: Knowing the tools at your disposal and how to leverage AI in the mix - Emerging regulations: Understanding how these will impact your organization and what to do to think beyond the parameters - Automating the fundamentals: Learning how to critically examine your processes and more strategically leverage your time - Empowering your teams: Gaining insights on how getting your data in order can amplify the skill set that your employees bring to the table


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