Compliance Solutions for Using A-TEEM Spectroscopy in GMP Labs

Healthcare12/7/2023 6:00 PM

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A-TEEM (Absorbance-Transmittance Excitation Emission Matrix) is a spectroscopic technique that can be used to evaluate and fingerprint complex mixtures. This webinar will discuss the A-TEEM compliance package for GMP labs, including the Aqualog A-TEEM spectrometer, IQ/OQ documentation and procedures, EzPAT OPC UA Server for PAT Software control of A-TEEM acquisitions, and A-TEEM Direktor multivariate analysis software with A-TEEM specific guided workflow. Key learning objectives include understanding compliance solutions for A-TEEM acquisitions and data analysis, as well as how A-TEEM is used in GMP Labs for pharmaceutical analysis.


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