Eliminating dog-mediated rabies: addressing barriers to scaling up dog vaccination campaigns

Healthcare > Vaccines12/5/2023 1:00 PM

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Empirical and theoretical evidence shows that mass dog vaccination interrupts the transmission cycle and if sustained can eliminate dog-mediated rabies. But constraints and barriers can prevent vaccination campaigns from reaching target or sufficient coverage of the dog population. There are resources and tools available to help overcome many of these constraints and barriers, but are they reaching the right audiences? And are any constraints or barriers left unaddressed? Join this webinar to learn more about addressing these barriers in order to scale up dog vaccination campaigns to effectively prevent and control rabies.


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United Against Rabies Forum

United Against Rabies Forum

We are United Against Rabies. Every 9 minutes, 1 person dies from rabies and almost half of them are children. Up to 99% of human rabies infections are caused by a bite from a rabid dog. But rabies is 100% preventable. We have effective dog vaccines and vaccines to treat people who are bitten. Together, we can end all human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030. The United Against Rabies Forum, supported by FAO, WOAH and WHO (the Tripartite), takes a multi-sectoral, One Health approach to tackle this global challenge.