Webinar: Employment Transfer Under Indonesian Manpower Law

Business > Human Resources12/12/2023 9:00 AM

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Over the years, the business landscape in Indonesia continues to be ever-changing. Given this, Indonesian companies are sometimes required to transform or restructure its business operations which will directly impact its workforce. In practice, one of the necessary actions is to transfer employees from one entity to another, whether it is done within the same group or to another group company altogether. Unfortunately, the terms of employment transfer itself is not expressly governed under Indonesian laws up to now. Unlike other countries which provide strict terms and requirements on employment transfer, we as legal practitioners are often relying on the requirements and limitations which are indirectly imposed by the existing Indonesian manpower laws. Given this, in this webinar session, we will explore the practice of employment transfer in Indonesia, the relevant terms under the Indonesian manpower law perspective, as well as the possible scenarios to transfer employees within the bounds of the law and the effects each will have to the employees.


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