Acquiring More Profit: Maximizing Success in Real Estate Brokerage Mergers and Acquisitions

Personal & Lifestyle > Realty and Home Buying12/13/2023 7:00 PM

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Building Successful Relationships and Navigating the Seller's Decision Process. Join us for this enlightening session as George and Victor, co-authors of 'Acquiring More Profit' and industry experts in brokerage acquisitions, share valuable insights and strategies for building strong relationships with sellers. Discover how to navigate the seller's decision process, anticipate their needs, and provide the support they require to confidently sell their brokerage to you. Don't miss out on this invaluable webinar that will empower you to foster trust, enhance communication, and successfully guide sellers through their decision process.


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WAV Group Consulting

WAV Group Consulting

WAV Group Consulting is a strategic consulting firm specializing in serving real estate firms and multiple listing services (MLS) and associations. They offer a range of services including strategic planning, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, product management, and recruiting. Their team of experts helps businesses optimize their technology solutions, conduct research and surveys, and develop custom marketing plans. WAV Group Consulting is committed to moving the industry forward with the power of knowledge.