Why You Need an AI-Powered Zero Trust Security Platform

Technology > AI (Artificial Intelligence)11/30/2023 7:00 PM

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Both artificial intelligence (AI) and zero trust are terms that have been both overused and misused countless times, leading many to see them as nothing more than hollow buzzwords. But this misappropriation bears witness to the fact that each is actually of significant value to modern organizations. In particular, the combination of the two is indispensable when it comes to cybersecurity. As the One True Zero Trust Platform, Zscaler is at the forefront of driving AI innovation in the security space. That is why AI is at the core of our platform and the various solutions we provide. As a result, customers experience superior security, automation, and efficiency. Join this webinar to learn: - What zero trust architecture is and how it differs from traditional, perimeter-based security architectures - Why the combination of zero trust and AI powers a more secure, more productive enterprise - How the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is uniquely positioned to maximize the benefits of AI - How AI helps equip Zscaler customers with superior threat protection, data protection, digital experience monitoring, and more


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Zscaler is a cybersecurity and zero trust leader. They provide solutions to prevent cyber threats and data loss while offering fast, reliable zero trust connectivity to applications from anywhere. Their platform, the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, offers holistic cyberthreat protection, data protection, zero trust connectivity, and digital experience management. Zscaler is trusted by Forbes Global 2000 companies and is recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge (SSE).