The critical role of responsible manufacturing in addressing AMR: A path forward - WAAW 2023

Healthcare > Pharmaceutical11/22/2023 2:00 PM

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This live webinar will be a forum to discuss how we can move forward in ensuring pharmaceutical companies manufacture responsibly to limit the risk of AMR. The live webinar builds on examples from a new report published by the Access to Medicine Foundation in August 2023 that sets out the clear steps pharmaceutical companies can take to limit AMR risk by manufacturing responsibly. The webinar will touch upon the major changes needed to improve the landscape, as well as the roles that different stakeholders have to play, including companies, regulators, procurers and investors.


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Access To Medicine Foundation

Access To Medicine Foundation

Access to Medicine Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving access to essential medicines for all. Their work focuses on encouraging pharmaceutical companies to make their products accessible, empowering the industry to become more responsive, stimulating medical gas companies to ensure availability for treatments and procedures, forging partnerships to unlock the potential of diagnostics, and guiding vaccine manufacturers to improve access to immunization. They conduct research, publish reports, and organize cross-sector programs to address healthcare inequities and promote better access to healthcare globally.