People and Government: A Christian Perspective in the Modern World

Personal & Lifestyle > Religion12/6/2023 5:00 PM

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In a world where the role of government is a subject of ongoing debate, it is crucial to seek understanding on the age-old question: Is government a necessary evil or the arbiter of virtue? From a Christian perspective, we can gain valuable insights into how to think about the role of government in the contemporary world. By considering the fundamental truths about human nature and the intricacies of economics, this webinar seeks to craft a new framework—a political economy of government that aligns with Christian principles and biblical human flourishing. Join us for this webinar followed by an interactive Q&A session with Dr. Anne Bradley, George and Sally Mayer Fellow for Economic Education and TFAS Vice President of Academic Affairs, who will delve into this topic and explore how the Christian worldview provides a unique lens through which we can reevaluate the government’s role in our lives and modern society.


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