Leveraging ctDNA to Strategically Design Clinical Research Programs in Advanced Cancer

Healthcare > Pharmaceutical11/16/2023 6:00 PM

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Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) profiling is increasingly used in solid tumor management to inform a variety of clinical research questions. ctDNA supports non-invasive testing for trial enrollment and longitudinal monitoring. It has potential applications in clinical study design, prognostication, and understanding when de-escalation may be possible.

In this seminar, Valsamo Anagnostou of John Hopkins University will discuss implications in assessing ctDNA in advanced cancer given variable shed in patients, as well as considerations in selecting an approach. She will highlight data demonstrating the value of ctDNA dynamics and recently initiated clinical trials leveraging response-adaptive study designs and how this information can support clinical research to guide patient care.

Mia Levy, chief medical officer at Foundation Medicine, will present clinical analysis for Foundation Medicine’s ctDNA tumor fraction method and how it can be leveraged for studies using only liquid biopsy to provide confidence in a negative result, support risk stratification, response-adaptive study designs, and dose selection. She will also highlight how the Foundation Medicine portfolio can support clinical studies leveraging ctDNA.

The speakers will discuss:

  • ctDNA-driven interventional clinical trials in immune-oncology based on molecular response.
  • Response-adaptive study designs for targeted therapies.
  • Early-phase clinical studies using ctDNA to support dose selection or early go/no go decisions.
  • The clinical insights provided by Foundation Medicine’s ctDNA tumor fraction and portfolio of solutions for supporting clinical research and drug development.


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