Advancing Digital Health Innovation using Real World Evidence

Healthcare11/16/2023 3:30 PM

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The digital health landscape is evolving rapidly with an increasing spotlight on the use of real world evidence (RWE) across the digital health total product lifecycle. Regulators, payers, and other key stakeholders are increasingly looking to RWE to guide decision-making from code to commercialization. This webinar will explore the use of RWE by regulators and payers, and how emerging digital health technologies are being used for real-world evidence generation. In this webinar, you will: - Gain insight into the different types of digital health technologies and the growing importance of RWE across the digital health total product lifecycle. - Keep pace with how RWE and the need to evaluate patient outcomes is increasingly being used for regulatory and payer decision-making. - Learn how innovative digital health technologies are being used as tools to generate RWE and provide value to a wide variety of stakeholders.


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