GA4 Review For Your Dealership: Maximizing Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

Marketing11/16/2023 5:00 PM

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Unlock the potential of Google Analytics 4 for your dealership in our upcoming webinar. Explore the dashboard, key metrics, event tracking, new KPIs, and updated event types. Gain valuable insights into traffic acquisition and real-world applications. Be sure to participate in our Q&A session to maximize your understanding of this important platform.


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L2TMedia is a digital marketing company specializing in providing auto dealers with effective marketing solutions. Our technology-driven platform offers a range of products and features that maximize the value of your digital marketing dollars. With precise targeting and real-time optimization, we help generate better leads and increase sales for dealerships. Our team of experts utilizes our technology to engage with our clients, activate ads, and report performance monthly. Request a free digital marketing audit to discover improvement opportunities and maximize your ROI with performance-driven data.