Unleashing the Power of Real-World Data: Taking Off the Blindfold to Actionable Insights

Marketing11/14/2023 6:00 PM

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The use of insights derived from real world data (RWD) for advertising planning and business development is table stakes, but getting access to that data and compiling insights can be an arduous and resource-intensive process. How does PurpleLab help advertisers and agencies unleash powerful insights driven by RWD? HealthNexus is a platform that facilitates faster and more insightful RFP responses and new business pitches. Users can explore patient and provider journeys and determine the size and segment of populations in near real-time. The interface is simple to use and facilitates insight discovery through purposeful reports, organized to help you answer the most important questions in the media planning process. For advertising agencies and marketing teams, PurpleLab can provide keen insights, from patient and provider population sizing with Cohort and Experience Report, to a comprehensive view of Rx analytics for up to 10 drugs at once with Prescription Measurement Report. HealthNexus facilitates the full analysis of a Rx market across patients, products, providers and more, all in one platform.


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