From Revenue Leaks to Profit Peaks

Business11/28/2023 3:00 AM

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Join us in our upcoming webinar where we'll explore strategies to prevent revenue losses from unbilled services, speed up the invoicing process, and decrease manual processing and reconciliation between activities and invoices. For logistics service providers, not having an effective billing management system means potentially losing out on significant revenue. By refining your billing practices and capability, you can reduce the time it takes to invoice from weeks to mere days or even hours. This can also enhance your operational efficiency and reduce disputes, ensuring that customers remain satisfied. In this webinar, you will uncover the 'leaks' that could be costing you up to 8% in missed billing opportunities, discover how billing management processes and technology can align to improve revenue and increase flexibility and efficiency, and engage in a Q&A segment and seek advice tailored to your circumstances. Join us online alongside industry peers. Registration is open – reserve your spot today! Blue Yonder is proud to present this webinar with support from the Supply Chain Logistics Association of Australia.


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SCLAA - The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia

SCLAA - The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia

SCLAA is the largest network of supply chain professionals in Australia. Connecting today's supply chain professionals & partners, to tomorrow's growth opportunities and supporting the advancement of our industry by championing collaboration, innovation, and success.