Picking, planning and perfecting a new intranet

Industry > Farming and Agriculture11/15/2023 5:00 PM

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Need a new intranet but you’re not sure where to start? Whether you’re venturing into the intranet world for the first time, or reassessing your current solution, this webinar is guaranteed to simplify your journey.

Our in-house experts, Corinne and Jessica, will share invaluable insights and best practices that will help ensure your new intranet is a success.


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ThoughtFarmer Intranet Software

ThoughtFarmer Intranet Software

ThoughtFarmer is a modern digital workplace solution that helps organizations embrace digital transformation. It provides a centralized platform for internal communications, knowledge management, community and culture building. With features like employee engagement analytics, flexible content management, team collaboration tools, and seamless employee communication, ThoughtFarmer empowers businesses to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and create a positive work environment. Trusted by top workplaces, ThoughtFarmer is designed to be user-friendly, customizable, and secure. With expert support and integrations with preferred tools, ThoughtFarmer ensures a seamless employee experience and a thriving intranet ecosystem.