Wizards of Wi-Fi 6E: Lessons Learned from Real Deployments

Technology > Telecom11/21/2023 10:00 AM

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Wi-Fi 6E is here, and that means more possibilities for your wireless network. However, every wizard knows that the best magic comes with some complexity you must overcome before you begin reaping the benefits. You just need the right teachers to show you how. Join our Wizards of Wi-Fi experts as they discuss the benefits and challenges of Wi-Fi 6E and what our customers learned over the past year with real-life Wi-Fi 6E deployments. You’ll learn: Deployment consideration include PoE, Security with WPA3 is not as hard as you think, Personal Enterprise and OWE, Wi-Fi 6E channel design, How AI can be leveraged to tune the network in real time and reduce complexity, Client behaviors.


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