Overview of Arkivum's Digital Archiving and Preservation Solution

Business > Software11/28/2023 2:00 PM

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On the 28th of November at 2pm GMT (9am EST), Arkivum’s Customer Delivery Manager, Antonia Witten, will provide an overview of our Digital Archiving and Preservation solution, including the latest updates and new features included within our 6.3 release. The webinar will cover how to securely transfer your data into the digital archive, organise and search your data for long-term access, and meet reporting and audit trail requirements.

Speakers: Antonia Witten


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Arkivum is a data archiving and digital preservation solutions provider. They help organizations preserve and protect their digital assets for long-term storage. With their fully validated software and robust quality management system, they ensure that heavily regulated data, such as clinical trial data and scientific research papers, is securely archived and accessible. Arkivum's solution is also suitable for preserving petabyte-scale research datasets, special collections in higher education and heritage institutions, and corporate records and archives. They follow best practices in data archiving, including FAIR and ALCOA principles, to guarantee the long-term integrity and usability of data.