Webinar: Navigate user journeys in lateral flow testing for maximized performance and usability

Healthcare11/9/2023 4:00 PM

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When developing a lateral flow test never underestimate the need for early consideration of the end user, how they will use the test, and what can be done to improve usability. The time and effort developing the optimal reagents for a high performing lateral flow test must be reinforced by simple and accurate sample preparation, result accuracy, and easy reporting. In this webinar, Dr. Neil Polwart, CEO at Novarum and Paul Christopher, Head of Technical Operations at BBI Solutions, and John Kelly, Founder and Managing Director at Atomo Diagnostics, will discuss the wing-to-wing capabilities provided by BBI Solutions and its preferred partners; Novarum™ technology and Atomo Diagnostics for unmatched usability and performance. Key learning objectives: - Understand the importance of considering overall lateral flow (LF) performance including end user errors – especially for the ‘at home’ market - Learn how to reduce performance risks in your LF development and manufacturing cycles - Understand the importance of effective user guidance to secure accurate LF results - Discover why sample preparation and delivery are critical parameters to give you lab class results in a Point-of-care testing setting Who should attend? - IVD manufacturers - Companies that already produce lateral flow assays/immunoassays, that work in biomarker discovery and have an idea for a test but not the technical capabilities - Personalized medicine - Clinical research and development and diagnostic test manufacturers - Point-of-care test manufacturers, veterinary diagnostics, and food/feed safety companies - Infectious disease test manufacturers - Biotechnology companies - Medical device companies - Hospital personnel (hospitals with inhouse Point-of-care diagnostic capabilities) Certificate of attendance All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.


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