Webinar: Email Management Magic in Microsoft 365

Business > Software11/8/2023 6:00 PM

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Did you know that roughly 10% of the total time users spend on email is spent filing messages they want to keep? What’s more, many important company records are contained in Outlook in-boxes, which exposes your organization to compliance risks and prevents team members from accessing critical information. Discover the ultimate solution to conquer the email chaos plaguing your organization. Join partners Colligo and Cadence Solutions for a 30-minute webinar to dive into the world of seamless and effective email management in Microsoft 365. You’ll learn: * How to declare emails and attachments as records right from Outlook with applied metadata and utilizing the retention policies configured in Microsoft Purview * Concrete measures to reduce the risks associated with using Outlook as a storage repository and not including email in your records management program * Tips for conveying the benefits of an optimal email records management system to senior management, including significant time and cost savings, increased governance and compliance, and reduced business risk * Valuable insights from customers who’ve turned their email record-keeping woes into streamlined success stories


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Colligo provides SharePoint tools that increase ROI on M365 investments. Their user-friendly, seamless front-end to SharePoint allows users to work within familiar Office apps while capturing, tagging, filing, and searching content in the SharePoint repository. Colligo's SharePoint third-party tools enhance collaboration, accessibility, and governance in Microsoft 365, empowering organizations to get more value from their SharePoint, Teams, and M365 investments.