Life Science Regulatory Information Management Innovations in 2024

Technology > Lifescience11/6/2023 6:00 PM

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Discover a groundbreaking webinar delving into technology innovations in life sciences regulatory information management and their impact in the coming year. The life sciences industry has no shortage of technology trends, ideas and innovations that are on the horizon. Not to mention, within the regulatory information management space, there are changing rules and processes with which to stay compliant. Thus, which technology innovations will have the greatest impact in 2024? Technology platforms that embrace artificial intelligence (AI), such as the large language model-based chatbot ChatGPT, may transform all aspects of people’s lives for the better. The answer of course lies somewhere in between and the panelists will be discussing what’s behind, what’s ahead and what technology innovations organizations should pay attention to — and even plan to adopt — as they move into a new year. For anyone in life sciences who deals in regulatory information management and routinely engages with health authorities around the world, this webinar is focused on breaking down the hype around these innovations and sharing practical applications that can positively impact organizations. The panelists will discuss the trends attendees have heard about while attending industry conferences and events over the past year and highlight the innovations with real staying power that will still be discussed a year from now. The featured speakers will cover questions like: How can AI-driven automation and intelligent authoring use large language models (LLM) and forecast the likelihood of life sciences near-term implementation and the potential gains? On the flip side, what are the obstacles to turning vision into reality? (And many more.) Register for this webinar to prepare your organization for the remainder of 2023, find out which technology innovations in life sciences regulatory information management will have the greatest impact, and build your strategy for 2024 and beyond.


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