3D Printing Innovation: Key Takeaways from 2023

Technology > Hardware11/3/2023 5:00 PM

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3D printing in 2023: what a year it has been in the world of additive manufacturing! Major events have rocked the 3D printing industry, with all eyes on the biggest 3D printer manufacturers to see their next steps. At the same time, important brands like Apple continue to explore 3D printing for their latest products like the Apple Watch, at least in part driven by continued supply chain disruptions and other economic changes. With manufacturers across industries, from consumer goods to automotive to electronics and more, looking to develop more resilient supply chains and logistics, 3D printing is now positioning itself to capitalize on the need for manufacturing agility and flexibility. That said, challenges remain for the additive manufacturing industry to push adoption even further into high value verticals. To understand the market forces impacting IDTechEx's 2024 outlook for 3D printing, this webinar will examine the financial and technical announcements that shook the industry in 2023, such as acquisitions, SPACs, mergers, etc. Information from these market movements, conference observations, and IDTechEx's company interviews from 2023 will be synthesized to identify 3D printing's key takeaways moving into 2024. In this webinar, IDTechEx will: - Analyze financial activity in 2023 within the AM industry - Identify AM industry trends and challenges from 2023 and predict future 2024 industry moves - Present IDTechEx's 2024 takeaways for the 3D Printing market This webinar is based on IDTechEx's 3D printing research portfolio, which has explored the technology, materials, and economic trends of the additive manufacturing industry since 2014.


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