Creating Culture through Compliance

Business > Human Resources11/16/2023 12:00 PM

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Creating a Learning Culture is something that we all hear about and strive for, but often feel shackled by the enormity of it. Where to start? Isn’t culture something that’s designed by external consultants who get paid a crazy amount of money to write a white paper and then leave? How do we move the needle? Well – it could be that the one part where you can make the most change and shift the dial the most is in the place where all employees dread - the mandatory learning or “compliance” space. Even the word compliance hurts your soul. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By reimagining what words like compliance, mandatory, refreshers and tests could mean – you can get a twofer – kickstarting your new and improved learning culture through the learning that everyone has to do every year – COMPLIANCE.


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