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Business > Accounting11/16/2023 10:00 AM

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Join us for an exclusive webinar designed to help you revolutionise your journey to the cloud. Tailored for CCH And IRIS users in multi-disciplinary practices, FYI Practice Sync is the ultimate stepping stone to take your practice to the cloud. Seamlessly transition your document management system online, while maintaining the rest of your system on the desktop. If you’ve been considering a move to the cloud, but have hesitations about the changes required to become more innovative, this webinar is a must-attend event. During this engaging webinar, you’ll discover: The game-changing benefits of FYI for larger practices, The power of FYI Practice Sync, How FYI seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows, How FYI can connect your firm to broader eco-systems.


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FYI is a document management and process automation platform specifically designed for accountants. Our mission is to liberate accountants by reducing the time spent on compliance and admin tasks. With FYI, you can store all your documents in the cloud, work remotely, and still be super-efficient. Our platform offers total visibility and collaboration tools, allowing your team to be more productive. We also provide integrations with best-of-breed solutions, automating processes to save time and deliver exceptional client service. With FYI, take your practice into the Cloud and never look back.