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For more than 30 years, EverThrive Illinois has continuously been a champion for health equity for all women, children, and families.



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Webinar on Family Connects
EverThrive IL ensures that people from communities most impacted by injustice have the access, resources, health care, and choice to create and sustain healthy families on their own terms. Join our new webinar series to learn more about how EverThrive IL’s strategies and leadership are driving toward a more just and equitable health care ecosystem! In the second installment, we will share more about the development and impact of Family Connects. EverThrive IL’s Associate Director of Birth Equity, Elizabeth Gonzalez, will share the role EverThrive IL plays in providing hyperlocal context to improve program delivery. She will also share how we are using this information from the program to support policy and advocacy priorities and provide meaningful change for birthing people in the long run.
1/23/2024 7:00 PM