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Badger Talks works with communities throughout Wisconsin, bringing faculty and staff with expertise in a variety of disciplines, to spark ideas and conversations on important topics, engage residents on critical issues of the day, or share the latest UW discoveries.



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Wellness Talks - Mindfulness, Stress and Social Connection
In challenging times, stress and anxiety can become overwhelming, especially when combined with decreased social connection. Research on mindfulness, however, tells us that we already have the resources and fundamental capacities to transform the kind of toxic stress that we may be facing, and we can do so in part by developing a different relationship with the kinds of thoughts that produce negative stress. In this talk, we learn about how certain forms of stress arise from our thoughts, and how simple mindfulness practices can prove helpful. We will also examine the relationship between social connectivity and our ability to manage stress, and how the style of awareness cultivated through mindfulness practices can enhance our sense of social connection.
1/16/2024 6:00 PM