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TSIA is a dedicated organization that helps technology and services organizations grow and advance in the technology industry. They provide research, advisory services, and partnership opportunities to help companies achieve success. With a focus on areas like customer growth and renewal, customer success, education services, field services, managed services, professional services, offering management, and support services, TSIA offers insights and resources to help organizations optimize their operations and drive revenue growth. Additionally, TSIA also offers validated insights on industry trends, technology consumption, and data analytics to assist companies in making informed decisions to improve the end-to-end customer experience.



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The State of Support Services 2024 | TSIA
Join us January 10, 2024 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET for The State of Support Services 2024 webinar. Vele Galovski, TSIA’s Distinguished VP of Support and Field Services Research, will discuss the industry trends impacting support organizations, the top business challenges faced by Support Services organizations, and insights on the role of descriptive, predictive, and proactive data analytics in driving support efficiency and scalability. Register now to learn more about the Support Services capabilities needed for 2024 and beyond.
1/10/2024 7:00 PM