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We specialize in clinical data management solutions to help clinical research so that necessary treatments can reach the people who need them faster.



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Overcoming Challenges in Implementing eConsent in Clinical Trials
In this insightful webinar, discover how electronic informed consent (eConsent) revolutionizes clinical trials through compliance, inclusivity, security, comprehension and engagement for participant-centered processes. eConsent has emerged as a pivotal advancement in the clinical trial industry, revolutionizing the traditional paper-based consent process and making participation possible for previously unreachable populations and patient demographics. This webinar offers a wide-ranging exploration of relevant regulatory compliance, as well as digital inclusivity, data security, participant comprehension and engagement strategies — all vital components in ensuring a seamless and participant-centric eConsent process. The featured speaker will cover the following topics: Navigating regulatory compliance, Bridging the digital divide, Securing eConsent processes, Confirming participant comprehension, Fostering participant engagement. Attendees will also learn practical knowledge to navigate the complex landscape of eConsent implementation, fostering a smoother and more participant-centric informed consent process in clinical trials. Join this webinar to discover the potential of participant-centered clinical trials through the diverse insights of eConsent, revolutionizing compliance, inclusivity, security, comprehension and engagement strategies.
1/24/2024 6:00 PM