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Premier Research is a biotech, pharma, and device Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that helps innovative companies transform life-changing ideas and breakthrough science into new medical treatments. They offer strategic product development consulting, global regulatory consulting, clinical research and development, real-world and late-phase studies, and a premier ecosystem of services. With expertise in rare diseases, cell and gene therapy, oncology and hematology, dermatology, medtech, neuroscience, pediatrics, analgesia, and women's health, Premier Research is a leader in the field of clinical development.



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Checkpoint Revolution: Navigating New Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy
Discover an informative webinar on checkpoint inhibitors in cancer immunotherapy, exploring immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs), FDA-approved therapies, combination treatments and strategies to predict patient responses in cancer treatment. Since their initial approval in 2011 for metastatic melanoma, ICIs have changed the treatment paradigm in oncology. To date, eight ICIs and 35 ICI-based combination immunotherapies have been approved by The FDA across diverse tumor types. First-line programmed cell death protein 1/programmed cell death ligand 1 (PD-1/PD-L1) inhibitors have become increasingly common for the treatment of metastatic cancer, with significant survival benefits. Still, while a subset of patients exhibit deep, durable responses to these therapeutics, the majority do not respond to single-agent ICIs and many experience immune-related adverse events. To improve the efficacy and safety of ICIs and advance the understanding of the molecular pathways that cause cancer resistance, it is crucial to find new, effective and tolerable combination treatments. In this webinar, the featured speakers will explore the latest advancements in ICI and discuss strategies for expanding the use of these novel therapeutics. Join this webinar to discover insights shaping cancer treatment and learn about the impact of ICIs, patient responses and the future of ICI therapies.
1/25/2024 4:00 PM